Since the commissioning of the brewery in 2007, Otway Brewing has supported many worthwhile causes and events. We are lucky to be a part of a wonderful community and it gives us great pleasure to be able to give back. These are the guidelines Otway Brewing refers to when considering sponsorship/donation requests from non-account customers.


All requests must be submitted to info@pricklymoses.com.au for review and must contain the following as a minimum.

  • Type of event, sponsorship, donation or both
  • Date of the event
  • Tell us about your event
  • Where is your event
  • How many years has your event been going
  • Do you intend to sell our beer at your event
  • Are there any deadlines we need to know about
  • Your contact details

Due to the volume we receive we are unable to accept them at the pub/event or over the phone. We please ask that before submitting a request you read through the following information as we believe it will assist you.


There are so many worthwhile causes and events around the world, but we choose to focus our efforts in Australia. Sponsorship and donations will be allocated with priority to organisations and events that share Otway Brewing’s core values.

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Value
  • Respect

Other important considerations include amount requested, targeted audience, and our remaining sponsorship funds available.

Your application will be automatically declined if:

  • The event does not adhere to Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) requirements.
  • The event includes or promotes any activities that conflict with our social responsibilities.
  • Is Religious or a Political organisation, unless it considers the benefit provided to be genuinely charitable and available to the broader community.
  • Is an organisation or group that discriminates or limits membership based on race, gender, beliefs, class or cultural considerations.

Due to the time and effort required to consider and process each request with care, we need at least 10 days’ notice. Any request that does not give us a minimum of 10 days will be automatically declined.


Sponsorships are defined here as direct monetary gifts from Otway Brewing to an external organisation or event. As much as we would love to be a part of each and every sponsorship opportunity, we wouldn’t be able to make any beer if we gave everything away. Consequently, it is impossible for us to support each and every cause, no matter how worthy it may be Organisations and events may request Otway Brewing sponsorship and shall be either approved or rejected based on the criteria laid out within this policy.


Donations are defined here as non-monetary gifts from Otway Brewing to an external organisation or event. Again, beer cannot be donated to every event and new donation requests are being reviewed all the time. Organisations and events may request Otway Brewing donations and shall be either approved or rejected based on the criteria laid out within this policy and our remaining donation allocation available. We trust this helps you with your application.



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