A lot goes into making great tasting beer and spirit. It takes the right ingredients delicately balanced together to produce that great taste you’re looking for. It takes experience and a team of brewmasters and distillers who are dedicated to the craft of beverages. It takes an understanding of what people want when they crack one open on a warm summer night, a weekend spent catching up with good friends, or at the end of a long hike.

At Prickly Moses Brewing Co we think it takes all of the above, but we also think it takes something else. We call it Otway magic, but you might know her as Mother Nature. We’re an independent brewery and the home of the Prickly Moses Brewery, Forbidden Fruit Cidery and Redwood Distillery. Some local brands you know and love.

prickly moses brewery

Great beer comes from good water, and we source the best. Our handcrafted, natural brewing and distilling processes begin right here in the Otways, where we use pure rainwater from the lush rainforests. We believe that leaving a sustainable, responsible footprint on our environment is as essential to what we do as providing you with beers and spirits that you can enjoy in any situation. That’s why we’ve implemented even more green initiatives at the estate to lessen our footprint. We use solar electricity to supplement the use of grid electricity and we donate our spent grain to local farmers who use it as animal fodder. To that, we add responsibly sourced, high quality ingredients to create flavour profiles and aromas that invigorate the senses and leave your taste buds begging for more.

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Welcome to Prickly Moses Brewing Co. We’re proudly independent, proudly Australian made, and proud to continue exploring and creating the most delicious beers and spirits around from the finest ingredients with the best environmental practices in the industry. Because that’s what you deserve. And it’s what Mother Nature deserves too. We’ll drink to that.