Mattias Isaksson
Mattias IsakssonHead Brewer
Mattias was first introduced to brewing back home in Sweden. It all started with a classic Coopers home brew kit and it didn’t take much for him to get hooked. Once he moved to Melbourne in 2011, he eventually joined a newly formed home brew club called the Merri Mashers and soon after he bought some large stainless vessels, gas burners and set up a little backyard brewery. He was obsessed. Experimenting with flavours and techniques to create some pretty unique beers. Pushing boundaries and maximising flavours has always been a driving factor in his brewing. In late 2015, Mattias and three mates from the home brew club decided to start a brewing company called Old Wives Ales. Without owning their own physical brewery, they brew in a nomadic fashion. Creating beers with different brewers and breweries around Victoria. Old Wives Ales third-ever beer was actually brewed at Prickly Moses. A Raspberry Saison.
In September 2016, Mattias started working at the newly established Queenscliff Brewhouse. A multifaceted venue including a 300 litre brewery. While working at the Brewhouse, he has been able to continue his experimental approach to brewing as well as fine-tuning and rebrewing a range of beers. Mattias has now taken on the head brewer role at Prickly Moses, after Luke Scott’s departure, and he is looking forward to continuing the production of the high quality beers Prickly Moses is known for, while developing new beers to suit the ever-changing Australian craft beer landscape. Skål!
Tony Xerri
Tony XerriSales and Logistics
Tony is a man who likes to get things done. Orginally from the Great Ocean Road region in Apollo Bay, Tony is now based in Melbourne, Tony heads up our sales team and is constantly on the road speaking with our retail outlet partners where he spreads the Prickly Moses love. Without him, you’d find it pretty hard to find a Prickly Moses Handcrafted Beer. Likewise, if you’re a pub, club, bottle shop or restaurant and you’d like to stock Prickly Moses Handcrafted Beer, Tony is your man.
Luke Reynolds
Luke ReynoldsAssistant Brewer
With a background in farming and horticulture, Luke took a sideways step into brewing in 2014 and hasn’t looked back. As well as being busy brewing the beer you love, you can often find “JJ” endlessly scraping out the mash tun, helping out crushing the apples for our Organic Cider, or even manning our mobile bar at off-site events.
Molly TrincaSales Administration & Accounts
Molly is one of those women who you can easily call a “super woman”. She has worked with us for years, and while she is working full time hours at Prickly Moses, she is also a full time mum of 6(!!!) at home! Molly assists both our busy sales and accounts team. She is a bit of an allrounder and can help out with many of your enquiries. Even if you want to find out where to buy your favourite Prickly Moses brew… Molly can help!
Suzie Vee
Suzie VeeDigital Marketing Manager
Suzie is our marketing guru. She joined us from sunny Queensland to manage all things digital! She has over 8 years of experience with digital marketing and takes care of our website, social channels and is in charge of spreading the Prickly Moses love in the digital realms. She also helps us with other marketing tasks, including branding and design.

Mobile: 0451 261 398

Hamish Spalding
Hamish SpaldingCider man
Hamish Spalding is the “Cider Man” at Otway Brewing for our range of ciders called Forbidden Fruit Cider. He is often experimenting with different flavours and varieties of ciders to create something special just for you. Hamish and Otway Brewing work closely with a local Organic Apple grower to support the district and highlight what wonderful produce we have in the region. Hamish has been with Otway Brewing since the day the first brew was pitched. He is our “Jack of all Trades” with his vast experience he has the answer , and knows very trick in the book for what ever issue may arise. If its a good laugh you want then Hamish is your man!!!
Heidi Andrews
Heidi AndrewsTrainee Brewer & Distiller
Heidi grew up on the Surf Coast with a family that loves a good party, so she has always had a love for gin and beer. She really enjoys testing new varieties! After school, she moved to New Zealand for three years to complete a Bachelor of Science. Returning to Australia, she worked in Regional Government and also as a Hydrographer but she realised she needed a job where she could use her creative side. By combining her passion for beer, gin, science and creativity, she thought this would be the perfect industry for her! She’s really excited to be a part of the Prickly Moses team and can’t wait to start experimenting with all the botanicals to create some delicious gin.
Andrew Noseda
Andrew NosedaThe Bus Captain!
Our Brewery Bus wouldn’t get very far without Andrew behind the wheel!
Visit our Brewery Bus at various events throughout the state. For information about upcoming events, visit our event page.


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