Put simply, there are only two types of beer in the world – Ales and Lagers. Ales have a long history dating back thousands of years, whereas Lagers have only come on the scene in the last few hundred years. The main difference between Ales and Lagers is the yeast used during the brewing process and the temperature at which fermentation is carried out.

Ales are warm-fermented and are made using yeast that rises to the top of the brew during the fermentation process. Due to a relatively fast and warm fermentation, ales are generally stronger in flavour and alcohol content than lagers which are cold-fermented using yeast that sinks to the bottom during the fermentation process. It is not uncommon for ales to be served at their cellaring temperature, around 10 degrees Celsius.

Lager comes from a German word meaning ‘to store’, and unlike ales which can be brewed in seven days, lagers have a much longer fermentation cycle of around four weeks or sometimes even longer. The lagering process generally creates beers which are cleaner, smoother and more mellow in taste than ales, which tend to have a fruitier flavour.

The amount of lager consumed worldwide far outweighs that of ales. However, the sheer explosion of craft breweries both in Australia and around the world is providing consumers with more choice than ever before. Here at Prickly Moses, we strive to create the best beer possible by using the best ingredients possible and water is the key. Our tasting rooms in Barongarook, Apollo Bay and Queenscliff allow people to sample our local beers and talk to our knowledgeable staff about all things beer related.



Prickly Moses Rolling Mist, Hazy IPA

OUR NEWEST RELEASE! Easy on the bitterness but jam packed with flavour and aroma. The use of Mosaic, Citra and Galaxy hops brings loads of tropical fruit, citrus and pine to the table. Medium bodied with a soft mouthfeel due to the use of unmalted wheat and oats. Flavour dialled up to 11. 6.5%ABV

Prickly Moses Otway Light Can

Prickly Moses Otway Light

This light ale displays all the malted barley flavours and characters of a full-bodied, full strength beer. Winner of a BRONZE Medal in AIBA Awards 2021. 2.9% ABV

Prickly Moses XPA

Bright and bursting with flavour. This light-bodied refreshing Pale Ale is the liquid embodiment of all things summer. The use of Mosaic and Citra hops gives strong citrus and stone fruit flavours and aromas. It’s clean with an assertive bitterness leaving you wanting more. ABV 5.4%

indies 2021 goldindies 2022 bronze

mid strength beer

Prickly Moses Mid Strength

A crisp, full flavoured, mid-strength beer brewed using clear, fresh rainwater from the Otway rainforest. Light bodied with soft bready notes, low bitterness and a slight floral flavour and aroma. ABV 3.4%

Prickly Moses ChainSAW

This beer is designed to be the perfect cleansing ale. Golden straw in colour, the use of malted wheat imparts a dry finish matched with a clean and distinct hop aroma imparted from the Ella hop variety. Winner of a BRONZE medal in the AIBA Awards 2021. 4.8% ABV

Prickly Moses Otway Pale Ale Can

Prickly Moses Otway Pale Ale

A medium bodied ale which is light amber in colour, derived from the use of caramel malts. A refreshing but appetizing beer with toffee and caramel flavours balanced nicely with a blend of traditional English hops for bittering and American hops for aroma. 4.9% ABV

indies 2022 gold

Prickly Moses Summer Ale

A refreshing, clean, crisp, golden ale. Hints of tropical pineapple, passionfruit and citrus flavours and the dry finish, makes this the perfect summer ale. 4.5% ABV

Prickly Moses The Raconteur IPA

This beer tells the story of an American India Pale Ale with the main protagonist being hops. North American hops are added throughout the brewing process, giving this beer a very happy ending. 6.4% ABV

indies 2021 bronze

Prickly Moses Spotted Ale

Prickly Moses Spotted Ale

This refreshing golden ale with hints of tropical fruit, honey and citrus, is made specially to support research and conservation of the endangered Tiger Quoll. 4.5% ABV

The Spotted Ale Story

It is well known that you need good water to make good beer and there’s nothing better than water from the lush forests of the Otways. Blessed with the availability of pure Otway rainwater, Otway Brewing brews all their beers with this ‘gift from the gods’. Otway Brewing became Partners of the Conservation Ecology Centre in 2013 and this is proving to be a very exciting development for the wildlife of the Otways. In February 2013 ‘Spotted Ale’ was launched at The Age Harvest Festival, a special beer from which 100% of profits to wildlife conservation. A great beer for a great cause! Andrew Noseda, CEO of Otway Brewing, said the partnership was a natural step for the company. “We are committed to the region, our beautiful natural environment and our community. Through the creation of this premium boutique beer, ‘Spotted Ale’, we are making a meaningful contribution to keeping Tiger Quolls safe in the Otways and beyond.” Tiger Quolls are the largest remaining marsupial predators on the Australian mainland but their numbers are in serious decline. Though the Otways was traditionally a stronghold for these animals, there was no confirmed evidence of Tiger Quolls in the region for nearly a decade. That was until last year when scientists at the Conservation Ecology Centre rediscovered the elusive species through DNA analysis. Conservation Ecology Centre CEO, Lizzie Corke, couldn’t be happier. “The Otway region holds incredible potential for the future of our native wildlife. We need innovative approaches to ensure the future of these precious species and this partnership shows just how our community can work together for very exciting outcomes.” Look out for the new Otway Brewing bus at the festivals around the country, holding a bar and a mobile brewery it is the ultimate conservation awareness-raising vehicle!

Prickly Moses Organic Pilsner

This lager style beer is brewed with the finest organic Pilsner Hops from NZ, and one of the worlds original yeast strains. Pale amber in colour with a clean bitterness. 4.8% ABV

Prickly Moses Red Ale Can

Prickly Moses Red Ale

A medium to full-bodied Irish style ale with a light reddish hue. A malt accented beer which starts with initial malt sweetness and finishes with a dryness from the addition of small quantities of roasted barley. 5.0% ABV

Prickly Moses Otway Stout

A dark, full-bodied, dry stout with rich roasted flavours of toffee and caramel with a moderate bitterness makes it a well-balanced, easy drinking stout. 5.0% ABV

Our Seasonal Releases

prickly moses black knight imperial stout

Prickly Moses Black Knight Imperial Stout

This beer is bold and black in colour. It has a viscous, rich palate, with hints of caramel, mocha and chocolate, and a roasted backbone. Winner of a GOLD medal in the AIBA Awards 2021. 7.8% ABV

prickly moses otway black panther beer

Prickly Moses Black Panther IBA

This beer is inspired by the mysterious legend of big black cats that roam the Victorian bush. As an IPA, this India Black Ale is a full-bodied beer rich in hop bitterness. A generous addition of North American hops creates a strong citrus aroma. Caramelised black malt imparts a subtle burnt flavour to this rare beer. 6.2% ABV

Prickly Moses Otway Ginger Beer

Prickly Moses Otway Ginger Beer

With strong notes of ginger, this naturally fermented Australian sweet Ginger Beer is naturally refreshing with ice at any time. 4.5% ABV

Prickly Moses Tailpipe

Prickly Moses Tailpipe Brown Ale

This big ass brown ale, like a classic 1950’s American automobile is bold, brash and great to look at yet totally inappropriate for modern times. This beer is fully loaded with German Pilsner Malt and a selection of roasted malts. Aggressively hopped, this beer is not your daily drive – it’s a beer to take out for a spin when you want to show off to your mates. 7.1% ABV

prickly moses chardonnay ipa

Prickly Moses Chardonnay IPA

An American style India Pale Ale blended with a Chardonnay chosen by winemaker Scott McWilliam for its tropical fruit characteristics, which blends perfectly with the chosen hops and lengthens the palate. 6.0% ABV

prickly moses barking owl dunkelweizen

Prickly Moses Barking Owl Dunkelweizen

Inspired by an endangered species of native owl, the beer is brewed in the style of a traditional German dark wheat beer. It displays typical flavours and aromas, with hints of caramelised banana, cloves and rich malt. 5.4% ABV

Prickly Moses blueberry hefeweizen

Prickly Moses Blueberry Hefeweizen

This beer has all the attributes of a typical German Hefeweizen with clove and fruit characteristics evident. The addition of blueberries gives this beer a fresh blueberry flavour and aroma with a dry and slightly tart finish. 4.5% ABV

Prickly Moses harvest ale

Prickly Moses Harvest Ale

Brewed with fresh Ella hops picked from the Rostrevor hop fields in the Victorian Alpine region from this year’s hop harvest. This beer displays fresh green hop characteristics with fruity notes, in particular, pineapple flavours and aromas which are balanced nicely with a subtle malty backbone. 6.0% ABV

Prickly Moses 24/7

Prickly Moses 24/7 Mid Strength

The perfect beer for any occasion. Brewed to be enjoyed 24/7. 3.4% ABV

Prickly Moses Farmhouse Ale

Prickly Moses Farmhouse Ale

This Golden Ale is an unfiltered, rich complex malty ale with an outstanding bouquet. A distinctive yeasty note with a slightly spicy aroma and a warming slight alcoholic finish. Very smooth with a silky character. A unique styled beer inspired by the French Belgium farmhouse styled beers. 6.3% ABV

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